Tell Me More

Who Are You?

The CRUD Buddies was started in late-2017 by Carlo Vanstiphout as a community for members of the popular movie review / logging site Letterboxd. Adam Eisentrout and Dan Gorman followed soon after and our weekly online-screenings began.

Where Can I Join In The Fun?

You can start by following us on Facebook and Instagram. The former is where you will find our events, and the latter is where we share fun stuff like VHS tapes, random images and more. Finally, you can find us in our official Discord server talking about movies, video games, comics, and more. It’s an inclusive space for fans of trashy movies, horror, pop culture and lots of other fun stuff.

Movies? What Kinda Movies?

Hey, glad you asked. Our fearless leader Carlo keeps a list going on Letterboxd of the movies we’ve screened online – you should check it out!

CHUD Buddies

A list of 34 films compiled on Letterboxd, including Ghoulies IV (1994), Vampirella (1996), Eve of Destruction (1991), Private Wars (1993) and Superfights (1995).