Employee Picks

Carlo Vanstiphout

Bad Channels (1992)

Bad Channels international VHS cover.

A big old hemorrhoid-head alien and his little robot helper take control of an isolated, independent radio station and use subliminal rock videos to zap a couple of girls into their cocktail shakers. Couldn’t be more up my alley if it came out of it. A THOUSAND CHEF KISSES 4 U

Dan Gorman

Things (1989)

THINGS Intervision DVD release.

“You never told me you were a Kindergarten artist.”
“Well, you never told me you were AN ASSHOLE either.”

Unratable… unforgettable… makes me proud to be a HOSER tbh.

Adam Eisentrout

Tales from the Hood (1995)

Tales from the Hood VHS cover.

Bold, freaky, and intelligent, Tales From The Hood is one of the very best anthology horror films I’ve ever seen. What is probably laughed off by 90% of movie goers do to its title, and frankly, racist assumption that an urban horror film couldn’t or wouldn’t work, is like when people say they don’t like and understand rap music. You could understand it perfectly well, you’re just afraid it might challenge you into thinking about the deeply rooted problems within our society, or god knows, simply empathizing with someone else’s perspective that isn’t your own. Which, being both gets to the heart of the horror genre. The film is wildly ambitious and ultimately, incredibly underrated.